Chaplon Tea

Who we are

Chaplon Tea is driven by the love for good quality tea. Jais Lauritzen, the founder of Chaplon Tea, has travelled for years throughout Asia in pursuit of the best tea and the most important principles of how to cultivate and enjoy tea of the highest quality.

Today we offer tea varieties produced according to sustainable principles from our own tea plantations in Sri Lanka, the former Ceylon, where Ceylon tea has been cultivated since 1875.


In Chaplon's tea plantations, our tea is cultivated according to Japanese principles. Our main focus is on quality rather than quantity. This method of production yields less crop, but much better flavour. This means we may only be able to release a limited amount of tea each season. The tea plants are grown in the shade and heavily trimmed.

We do not use fertilizers or chemicals, and while our plantations are too small to qualify us for obtaining an international eco-certification, we observe the strictest eco-certification criteria.

Social Responsibility

For Chaplon it is important that the tea is produced with respect for both people and the land.

Our belief is that, in a country left vulnerable after years of civil war and natural disasters, sustainability is also a question of social responsibility. Chaplon works on developing the local communities where our tea plantations are located. We are able to do this because we control the whole process from leaf to cup. 

The hard and strenuous job as a Chaplon harvester is carried out for only 6 hours a day with an above average salary. Our plantation workers and their families receive free healthcare and we offer free educational classes.