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The world of tea is conventionally divided into two different types, in terms of the taste and principles of production.

One type is geographically based in China and Japan and mainly produces green tea from high quality raw materials. In this region the tea culture has reached its peak and the cultivation of tea is an art form. The price of tea is assessed when the factory receives the leaves. Local farmers typically deliver lower quantities of high quality leaves and top buds, picked while they are quite small. Green tea is produced from the fresh leaves of the tea plant. In being un-oxidized the leaves remain green and may have a slightly grassy taste. 

Green tea is available in its pure form or flavoured and blended with herbs, dried fruit or flowers such as in Chaplon’s Mountain Flower tea, in which we add both flower petals and citrus aroma.

The other type is present in the former British colonies of India, Sri Lanka and Kenya, where black tea is produced ideally as a good product at a reasonable price. The leaves are allowed to develop on the plant two to four days longer than in China and Japan, resulting in a stronger tea of lower quality. Black tea is produced from the oxidized and dried leaves of the tea plant. It is available in a myriad of qualities and the taste depends on the soil and climate, and whether the leaves are flavoured with oils. The strongest teas come from the hottest habitats while lighter teas are typically grown in the highlands where the climate is cooler.

White tea is made from the fresh tender buds of the tea plant and is picked before the shrub has flowered. The white tea buds are not oxidized but steamed a little and then dried. The flavour is mild and soft. White tea is both expensive and highly sought after. The small white down on the back of the fresh tea leaves emerges during drying, causing the leaves to appear completely white. White tea is often called Silver Tips. 

Flavoured teas are usually prepared from green or black tea, blended with essential oils, herbs and flowers. The best known and loved is probably Earl Grey tea, with citrus oil from the bergamot fruit. It is named after the second Earl Grey who was the British prime minister during the 1830s. According to legend, he received the specialty tea as a diplomatic gift from China.

Our Teas

UVA - Single Estate Ceylon Tea

Single Estate Ceylon Tea

August and September are “Quality Seasons” in the UVA-district of Sri Lanka, and is the period when the harvest is best. In the months leading up to the harvest, the temperature varies a lot and there is a constant dry wind. The harsh conditions make the plants grow and develop very slowly. The best qualities from the “Quality Season” are elegant, soft and flourishing, but at the same time full-bodied and powerful.

Single estate black Ceylon “quality season” tea. Best harvest from the Chaplon Tea plantation.

100% Black tea.

Earl Grey

Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey is our single estate Pekoe tea with bergamot oil.  A small Italian manufacturer supplies the precious bergamot oil, which is pressed using a traditional method and thus has an elegant taste of mandarin.

Pekoe is a very fine quality bud with low levels of tannins. We have mixed our tea with the precise amount of Jasmine flowers, creating a nicely rounded and fresh taste.

Black Ceylon tea with bergamot oil & a touch of jasmine.

Black tea, jasmine, rose petals and lemon oil.

Full Moon

Full Moon Tea

A beautiful golden colour with a fresh and light taste of citrus and a long-lasting sweet taste suitable for festive seasons and cool clear evenings. Great served both warm and as an ice tea. Children love the natural sweetness, with no sugar added.

Full Moon is the Buddhist festival in Sri Lanka and the Full Moon days are always holidays with every respect for the Buddhist precepts. The first Full Moon in April is New Year, and Buddha’s birth and death are commemorated on the most important of all Full Moons – May.

Ceylon Green tea, lemongrass, liquorice root, blackberry leaf, cornflower, marigold, lemon oil.



Quince is a black and green tea from our spring harvest with quince oil. The small pear-shaped fruit, which originates from Persia as a well-known and slightly perfumed European classic, is also cultivated in Europe and South Africa.

Green tea, black tea, pomegranate flower, marigold, rose petals, quince and lemon oil.

Christmas Tea

Christmas Tea

We have blended our finest black tea and combined it with a beautiful mix of spices, creating the perfect Christmas harmony. This is a Christmas treat for you, your friends and family. Enjoy what Christmas is all about.

Single Estate  Black tea, orange shell, mulberry leaf, fennel, ginger, anise, cinnamon, star anise, liquorice root, pepper, cardamom, chilli and natural chai oil.