Chaplon Tea

Our plantations are run sustainably

Just as a wine's flavour depends on where the grapes are grown, the taste of tea differs depending on where the bushes are cultivated. Chaplon's plantations are located in the highlands of Sri Lanka, considered to be the best 'terroir' for tea with a high-quality taste.  

Our oldest plantations lie near the cities of Passara, Nuwara Eliya and Ella, in the heart of Sri Lanka, and have been Danish-owned since 2008. The area is typically hilly, with tea bushes growing best on slopes and hills where they are shaded by tall trees. We give the plants more shade than most plantations in Sri Lanka, in order to promote the gentle and elegant taste of the leaves.

At our plantations the bushes are exposed to the rough and windy elements of the cool highlands. This provides, along with specific soil conditions, the basis for high quality tea. 

The tea plant is actually a small tree that has been pruned so that it appears as a shrub with many small shoots. In the style of growing traditional Japanese tea, we prune the plants frequently and rapidly. Our tea bushes are also weeded and cut by hand without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. 

Chaplon’s goal of Danish tea production is to improve quality, rather than pushing the production costs down. For us, quality is a matter of the taste of the tea, the aim of sustainable production, and a dedication to valuing people and nature