Chaplon Tea Harvest Time

Tea harvesting is manual work

All the tea from our plantations is picked by hand in the traditional way. The harvesting of our tea continues throughout most of the year, with the best season for tea harvesting in September. Our UVA Quality Season tea variety is picked during this period, thereby delivering the highest quality tea.

Whatever the season, we pick our tea leaves two days before they are normally considered ready for harvesting. The tender leaves give the tea a light and elegant taste with a minimum of acidity.

Skilled plantation workers who know their craft are an important part of our business. Therefore, to encourage and attract the best tea-pickers, we wish to treat and reward our employees substantially better than is currently the case in the industry.

Traditionally, the hard work of tea-picking is a women's job and in many places they work 12 hours a day on the steep slopes of a mountain with poor remuneration. Tea plantation workers are among the country's poorest people.

Our employees in the plantations, by contrast, pick tea leaves for a maximum of six hours a day. Chaplon pays a significantly higher salary than the larger plantations (approximately twice as high as the daily rate on the larger plantations) and provides health insurance and pensions. We emphasise that our workers on the plantations can live with dignity and send their children to school.

Our employees have meal breaks and access to safe drinking water while working. When they are ill, we cover the cost of treatment and medication.

For us, this effort is an important part of the enjoyment of a good cup of tea.